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RUG CLEANING In melbourne

One of the concealed place for bacteria, fungi and germs to live in the beautiful rug you have around the corner of your premises and damn it’s way too harmful to your health and the beauty of your premises. Worry not as Scourdry got a solution – Our Rug Cleaning Melbourne Service offers

  • A Deep Clean For Rugs
  • Stain/Wax/Bubble Removals From Rugs
  • Restoring The EverGreen Charm of Your Rug


The Eco-Friendly cleaning products used by Scourdry's rug cleaners in Melbourne are capable of removing all the stubborn stains that have been an unpleasant experience to the eyes

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While it may seem to be totally a lovely idea to have a rug in the premises, it comes up with an obligation. The obligation of deploying a rug is absolute cleaning. A rug regularly finds itself in need of thorough cleaning and there is no better way to properly take care of the rugs than considering a rug cleaning Melbourne service.

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Nata Lia
Nata Lia
We have been working with Scourdry a few times throughout the year. We recently had three rugs cleaned with this... company and are very satisfied with their services!read more
Colleen Goldsmith
Colleen Goldsmith
Highly recommend Kush. Honest,reliable and very pleasant
Danny Powell
Danny Powell
Kush was quick efficient and very nice to deal with. Got a stubborn stain out of the carpet too.
Neda Rahmani
Neda Rahmani
Thank you very much Kush ! You did a great job on our 3 couches . Nice and clean smelling fresh and removed the water... marks that had been annoying me for so long! Thank you to you and your company ! Have a great day cheers Neda Northcoteread more
Paul Zdu
Paul Zdu
Kush arrived promptly friendly and enthusiastic . Excellent job overall
Rebecca Dingkar
Rebecca Dingkar
Great job. Highly recommended
Phillip Russo
Phillip Russo
Excellent job, did not think it would come up like new. Service man was very polite and courteous.
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Our Compliance For Counter Coronavirus Measures

All our crew members were given proper training at the Scourdry Headquarter in Laverton. We have complied with the government issued precautionary measures and have made sure that we operate not only legally but righteously in the pandemic times

Scourdry’s Rug Cleaning Service For South Eastern Suburb Melbourne

While a cleaning session ( the one done on the surface ) may remove at least some of the dirt, it is not enough to keep the thing going. It requires professional cleaning to restore the charm of your rug. Proudly here to present, the Scourdry is one of the leading providers of the best rug cleaning service Melbourne in the South Eastern suburb.

Scourdry is one of the leading services providers when it comes to rug cleaning. Our extensive experience in this area of business allows us to fully satisfy the customers. With a wide variety of rug cleaning services, we make sure to not let any kind of dirt, stain or germ stay anymore in the rug. Our acquisition of advanced products and the deployment of advanced methodologies ensure a quality rug clean. Our procedures don not harm the rug quality in any way.

Our rug Cleaning Melbourne Services

As a leading cleaning company, Scourdry makes sure it has experience in all area of practices and our knowledge database should encompass every scenario. Opting in for the same procedure for all the rugs might be helpful for some while totally devastating for others. For rugs like the the Continental rugs, we opt in for the most perfect fit for products and have a trained crew to carry out the cleaning elegantly.

This beauty comes up with the responsibility of proper maintenance. While a Persian rug appears enchanting, it's crucial to opt in for some deep cleaning every week or fort night depending upon various factors. Shampooing and all things won't help, they hurt the quality of the rug and make it go fade which is the last thing we can dream of!.Worry not as Scourdry knows how to handle Persian rug perfectly.

Rugs can turn into a castle or fort for some deadly germs,fungi and bacteria. Over time, this negligence leads towards devastating harms. More and more deposits of these harmful organisms becomes a worrying cause of concern as they start to negatively impact the health. For the sanitization of rugs, we use the best possible products to wipe all the bad stuff out and make it environment friendly.

Once in a month at least you should consider getting a rug clean service for your house. The charges for house rug cleaning are minimal and the outcomes are amazing. Nothing adds to the beauty of the house more than a neat and clean rug sitting elegantly at the corner of a house. let us handle the rug cleaning for you house while you may focus on many other things for your house and your family.

With our extensive knowledge in this area of practice, we know when it's the perfect time for your rug to be receiving a steam clean session. At Scourdry we have trained our crew to provide the steam cleaning service in a perfect way leaving no harm onto the rug. We make sure our steam cleaning does not make the rug loose it's color and shade. With the optimum equipment, we make it all go perfectly as desired.

One of the most beautiful rug out there but it's potential to go dirty within days is what makes it a special cause of concern. For regular cleansing, the choice of product should be well research a a harsh cleaning agent would rip of the quality of the wool rug and then their is equipment used. To ensure the best cleaning, we use well researched products, equipments and thoroughly trained craftsmanship for this.

We make sure of we are keeping up with the needs of our customers as customer satisfaction is one of our primary work ethic. So show up in the time of need as a trusty is a part of Scourdry's vision. With our 24 hour or same day service, as soon as we receive the customer call, we immediately send a crew member and have them better handle the situation and make it all done in just a span of a day.

Dry cleaning is one of the most common ways to service the Rugs and to restore their glory. After we receive the customer call sating the adequate cause, our expert would be there to better assist them. If rug dry cleaning is found to be the treatment, the customers would be totally informed of the products we use, procedure we carry out and the equipment we deploy for the rug dry cleaning Melbourne

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