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Our admin section is well trained to provide immediate response as well as the cleaners which are highly trained. Plus, our pricing is comparatively lowest and with industry leading equipment and eco friendly products, we provide the most satisfactory and reliable cleaning.


Affordable Pricing

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What Drives Scourdry?

Vision – The Scourdry envisions itself to be one of the most trusted entity in terms of not only the quality of work but also any sort of privacy concerns. Each member of our team is focused on their work as each one of us is the Scourdry itself. With the passion to clean, We intend to be finest cleaning company, a company you can count on, a company to whom you can entrust your premises and a company you know is capable of doing their work elegantly – We are Scourdry.

Our Work Ethics

With a constant thrive to be the leading cleaning services provider, we erected our empire upon the following pillars.

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is one of the most accurate tool we use to measure our progress. Client comes first and foremost.

Social Responsibility

We only adapt those procedures and products that result in no harm to the society through one way or the other. Because we care!

Our Own Expectations

Besides our utmost desire to fulfill the expectations of our customers, we have a certain set of standards we want to maintain and lift up as the Scourdry continues to move along the path to success.


We use Eco Friendly Products, Industry Leading Equipment and our Technicians are Well Trained

Why Hire Us?

Hire us because we have this unrivaled passion to clean, a neat and clean history of customer satisfaction, a society appreciated service record and an unparalleled privacy considerations.

We Truly Care For Customer Satisfaction

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction and we are proud to have a well known record for customer satisfaction.

We Keep Your Privacy

You may resume your peace of mind when you entrust us with your premises. Your privacy is one of our chief responsibilities.

We Have A Qualified Team

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction and we are proud to have a well known record for customer satisfaction.