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End of Lease Cleaning is one of our ” Main Expertise ” and do you know why we consider ourselves experts in end of lease cleaning? BECAUSE OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE US ! 

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5 Star Ratings

Not bragging but we receive five star ratings almost each and everytime we end up with some end of llease cleaning in Melbourne

Absolute Quality

We have this obsessive nature with the quality of service so we provide the maximum quality cleaning. We truly care.

Years of Experience

It took us years to come up with such kind of high quality end of lease cleaning. Now we can proudly claim our service to be best

Scourdry is an expert in the cleaning. No matter it’s the Floor CleaningWindows CleaningCarpet cleaningUpholstery cleaning or whatever it is, we are totally aware of how to do it. Our expertise and a wide range of services allow us to efficiently carry out the end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. We bring out the best in terms of cleaning so that your rental property can come back to life again and there remains absolutely no way for your landlord to exploit your security bond.

Hurrah !! We are offering straight 10% off  for new customers. If it’s your first time with us or it’s your new home/premises, we will provide you with a straight 10% discount. Isn’t that awesome? I mean you get the best cleaning in the town with a 10% Discount. This reason is solid enough to give a call. Give us a call and let’s discuss the possibilities

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction 100%
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Privacy Care 100%
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Cost Effiecient 100%

We’re glad for the five star ratings which we receive almost everytime!

Why Choose Scourdry?

Our end of lease service is designed in such a way that that makes the landlord satisfied. With our wide experience of cleanings, we are totally aware of the things which the landlord look for when they are taking control of their rental property back. With our extensive knowledge and experience , we were able to come up with the tactics so that the landlord get's sudden satisfaction on the moment he has his first glance.

We totally care for our customers. We know how much of a work it is to shift places. With our End of Lease cleaning, we made sure there remains no thing which can disturb the customers and make them put some time in cleaning. With our end of lease cleaning service, all you have to do is to give us a call and our team, will carry out the work, they won't bother you for anything. We'll carry out the cleaning without disturbing you.

For Scourdry, customers mean a lot. We won't just carry out the cleaning keeping in mind the satisfaction of your landlord, we'll carry out the cleaning session keeping in mind the comfort of our customers. We adapt procedures that are easy to incorporate and we make sure we don't mess up with the privacy of our customers. At Scourdry, we make sure you don't get any timely delay,quality issues or privacy concerns. 

The cost of moving in another place, the cost of the new property and all of those things. Don't worry we are well aware of this. That's why our end of lease cleaning service is designed in such a way that it incorporate the run time strategies by the crew members so that we don't end up wasting even a single penny. Our cleaning service is designed to as much highly cost efficient as possible while keeping the quality impeccable

As mentioned earlier, Scourdry is totally aware of multiple scenarios. if you are in a hurry and want the cleaning session to be completed on the same day, it will be done on the same day by Scourdry. For the convenience of our customers we have designed this aspect so that those of our customers who are short on time and don't wanna get exploited by the hands of their landlords, this is meant for all of you.

Scourdry brings the most in terms of cost and quality but there is something we look for more. We look for a long term relation with our customers. We bring out cleaning sessions in such a way that it makes our customers happy so that later in life they can entrust us whenever they need cleaning. We don't work for the moment, we intent to build genuine relations so our customer remember us whenever it is required to clean.

If due to any reason your landlord is not satisfied with the cleaning, our cleaning crew would be back at your place and will figure out the possibilities so that the and lord's happiness, customer satisfaction and Scourdry's pride can be restored. Our crew would either carry out the re clean or would figure out a way to do something similar ( Terms and Conditions Apply ). We wont just clean and run, we're with you till end. 

Introduction to our End of Lease Service

At Scourdry we have skilled craftsmanship which is properly trained to carry out the end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. Our crew is properly trained on how to handle the various scenarios ( we even offer water and flood restoration cleaning service ) and are meant to bring out the best in terms of end of lease cleaning in such a manner that not only it is cost-efficient but also it has impeccable quality, enough to surprise your landlord.

It’s not only the skilled craftsmanship where the Scourdry’s end of lease services excels others, but it’s also the highly researched products that make us stand out from the rest. With our highly researched products, we make sure to bring the most of the cleaning session. With our cleaning, not only the landlord’s gonna happily hand over you your money but they’ll also say thanks in return. We have seen those scenarios where our customers were proud of our end of lease cleaning service. The customer satisfaction empowers the Scourdry and it pushes us to bring more in turn of quality.

The methods through which cleaning is carried out brings a lot of outcomes. If an outdated method is adopted then it’s gonna make use of more of the resources and will bring less of an outcome which can cost both of us in terms of cost and quality. If a cheap and outdated method is adopted, it might make the property clean but not enough to satisfy the landlord. In that case, you’re going to lose your security money and we are going to lose our potential customer. We simply won’t let it happen. At Scourdry, we are always in pursuit of finding the best possible method to bring out the cleaning session in such a manner that it is cost-efficient and full of quality.

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Just One Call To Scourdry And You Will Get

Cost Efficient

Best Service in Town

Best Service in Town

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Landlord Satisfaction

Scourdry has done a number of end of lease cleanings and thereby it is totally aware of all the possible scenarios and all the possible solutions. We are well aware of what the landlord want’s out of the property in terms of cleaning and that is why our end of lease service is designed keeping in mind three things.

  • Bring out the cleaning session so that your landlord doesn’t exploit your security bond money.
  • The cleaning session should be cost-efficient.
  • It should be of such high quality that it makes the customer satisfied, the landlord happy and Scourdry proud.


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