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You can’t just brag about being structured and clean if your car is filthy because that’s the exact opposite. That’s why it becomes crucial to consider a Car Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne Service. We offer

  • A Tidy Car Interior Cleaning
  • Restoring The Charm of Seats
  • Bring Back The Leather Shine

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A car is more like a reflection of you, it’s not just a vehicle anymore.

How you keep your daily drive, defines much about your personality. Don’t let a dirty car put your personality down because that’s the last thing we want. Consider getting a professional car upholstery Melbourne services so that your car is never wrong about your personality.

Most of us try to keep our cars clean but mostly we focus on the outer side of the spectrum. We somehow manage to keep the surface clean but the inside is still left, making a huge impact in terms of impression. It’s a wise idea to thoroughly lean your car’s seat covers, leather and interior on Sunday but it takes the whole day for a thorough clean, you’ve got other things to do right? so why waste your entire Sunday on it?

Scourdry – A Leading Brand For Car Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne √

One of the more wiser ways is to let a professional car upholstery service provider know for the upholstery clean you want and let them do their job while you comfortably live through your weekends, focusing on family and other important stuff. With that being said, let us introduce ourselves. We are Scourdry – The leading cleaning company that offers a number of cleaning services such as the carpet cleaning, end of lease cleaningtile and grout cleaning upholstery cleaning and many more.With our professional car upholstery Melbourne cleaning service, we make sure to not let any kind of dirt or stain stay any longer in your car. We are good at what we do and that’s what separates us from a regular cleaning company.

At Scourdry we make sure to never leave any of our customer unsatisfied and that’s why we offer a variety of services to ensure we don’t lack in any area of practice. we offer a wide variety of car upholstery services in the eastern suburbs and the western suburbs of Melbourne.

The procedure is pretty much simple. All you need to do is to give us a call and let us be known for the day when you would be comfortable to get clean for your car. We offer free over the phone estimates too so that resolves the complexity even further. After the request of our customers is initiated, our crew would be at their workplace and would carry out all the procedure in the most ethical way. With that, you may glance through the services for the car upholstery that we provide –

Our car upholstery Cleaning Melbourne Services

At Scourdry we use the most modern tools available in the market to offer a dry upholstery cleaning. For the dry upholstery clean, either the customer can let us know for their demand of dry cleaning or let our crew member decide at the time. We are comfortable in both the possibilities. 

During the reconnaissance survey, our crew member would figure out whether a steam clean session is good for the clean or not. If it turns out to be good, it will be done by using the most up to date steam cleaners available in the market today with careful execution of the procedure.

Car upholstery sanitization is often ignored. Just because it's often ignored doesn't mean it shouldn't be taken care of. Don't let your car become a home sweet home for the germs, bacteria and harmful viruses. With our sanitization service we make sure to wipe all of the toxic thing out

In need of a cleaning service on urgent basis? Just give us a call. For the feasibility of our customers we provide a same day cleaning service. Now you have no excuse for why your car is surrounded and packed with some dirt and filth. Just let us know and within hours- it'll be done

What defines the worthiness of a car? besides all the technical stuff, it's the interior quality it carries with itself. Whether it's cleaning, polishing or extra shine that you crave for your car's interior, we've got all of it. Specify exactly what you want to be done with the interior and consider it done

Don't let this disgusting phenomenon ruin your car's elegance. Moulds can find their way in your car but once you let the Scourdry aware of the situation, we make sure it doesn't hang around for long. With careful practices, we will remove any kind of mould and make your car get back it's charm

Just in case you're wondering the factor that turns you off as soon as you step in your car - it's the bad odor. If the bad odor is been around for long, chances are you wont notice much of it's presence. With our bad odor removal services, we will remove any bad removal and fill your car with some delighted scents

When it comes to providing the best cleaning services, Scourdry is proud of its capabilities. With our skilled crew for car upholstery clean and highly researched products, we carry out the best possible clean. All of our great efforts have earned us the title for one of the leading car upholstery provider

With our wide variety of services, we make sure to bring out the most customer satisfaction when it comes to car upholstery cleaning Melbourne. Whenever a request for clean has been initiated we are delighted to know about the trust our customer has put in us and we make sure to never let our customer’s trust go down in one way or the other. You may choose Scourdry to be your car’s upholstery cleaner because

Careful Cleaning

With us, you can consider your car’s upholstery is in safe hands. We carry out the best possible procedures so that we don’t end up hurting your property in any way – because Scourdry truly cares

Quality cleaning

We won’t just whip off the dirt and charge money for that, we would perform a deep cleaning session and until the customer is satisfied, we won’t charge the money. Customer satisfaction is crucial for us

Trained Crew

Our crew is totally aware of the new breakouts from the cleaning industry and we carry out the procedures that bring that are highly research-backed. Our product selection ensures the best possible product


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