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Being struck by a natural disaster? It means you have to start all over again. But where to start? from the carpets, or upholstery or floor or just simply where? Well, you can start by giving Scourdry a call and let them provide water damage and flood restoration Melbourne cleaning services

  • We offer deep cleaning of your holdings
  • We offer structural cleaning and drying
  • We provide sanitization to save you from any harms




Water damaged and flood restoration Melbourne cleaning service is necessary whether it’s residential premises or professional premises.. All the place gets covered up by bad and intolerable odors and filth deposits just to name a few and it would get nearly impossible to live in such a condition.

While the idea of starting all over again is surely paralyzing, but you need to get it all done as soon as it’s possible. It is because the longer those flood damages stay, it will rot away all the equipment. Health shouldn’t be compromised during the cleaning process. You need specified precautionary measures to start the restoration of a flood-impacted property. For even the slight restoration requires a huge level of skill which normally is totally strange for a day to day normal person.

The only way to restore a water damaged or flood-damaged property is to hand it over to some professional Cleaning company for some water damage and flood restoration Melbourne and in case some natural disaster has hit up then let the company do some flood restoration Melbourne.

With all that said, meet Scourdry – The leading cleaning company Melbourne handling eastern and western suburbs. We offer a wide variety of cleaning services from carpet cleaningupholstery cleaningend of lease cleaning to floor stripping and sealing. To elegantly deal up with the remains of a flood-impacted property, we offer a variety of solutions. You may glance through our offered services for the water and flood-damaged property below –

Scourdry’s Water Damage and Flood Restoration Melbourne Services

Doesn't matter if a flood has hit your premises or it's just some run over of water from the roof that's damaging your structure, it needs a professional drying service. If a timely drying treatment is not granted to the structural members, it would make them store odors and would weaken them. At Scourdry, we deploy the finest in term of equipments we use to dry out any water damaged structural unit that may require care.

Bio hazard deposits can result from the flood and these poses a serious threat to the health and well being of those residing or working in the premises. Even if a slight corner with bio hazard is left untreated it poses some real health threats. To ensure the complete safety of it's customer - Scourdry has come up with some intelligent solutions to eliminate  any kind of bio hazards with its skilled team and researched products

Don't even waste a single minute after you get a hold of your self. Your property and your belongings need help during these times. The longer they are affected by flood the more damage they are gonna sustain. As soon as you get the hold of your self quickly let us know. We would send the emergency team for your premises. Our team would quickly come up with all the possible solutions that your property needs.

Flood can wreak havoc on your sewage systems as the flood poses a potential threat to block away the sewers by some random stuff. This results in no escape route for the waste water leading to the failed management of waster water. In this scenario you may quickly give us a call as this can harm your health in multiple manners. The blocking of sewerage system produces foul odors, harmful germs and filthy environment

Flood aftereffects include mould appearance if the upholstery or property was not subjected to proper flood restoration treatment just after the incident. Moulds can also result from minor water damages. You don't need to worry about the mould destroying away your precious holdings as Scourdry has an extensive background in mould removal. We are aware of how to remove the stickiest mould and we do it elegantly

Both the water damaged and the flood damaged property becomes a house for the germs and health damaging bacteria, viruses and fungi. These organisms can live happily in water and multiply themselves with the help of water. It's necessary to wipe them all out or else these end up increasing your hospital bills and often sickening. At Scourdry, we deploy the finest products with the best equipments for sanitization

It's not only the carpets, furniture or belongings that suffer in case of a heavy flood, the whole structure suffers. While it's easier to spot walls as they eventually would get a caring glance but sub floor is often ignored. The flood water and waste buildups in sub floor causes foul odors, health hazards and weakens the floor. Scourdry offers intelligent solutions for dub floor drying that is economical, modern and efficient. 

Being a leading cleaning company, Scourdry considers the fulfillment of its customer’s needs, an obligation. To stand as a resting shoulder for our customers in the neediest times is also a part of our vision. In case of flood and water damage, Scourdry is totally aware of the hard times you are going through both emotionally, physically and economically and that’s why we work up to fetch the smartest plan to restore your premises in a most brilliant manner because we are experts when it comes to water damage and flood restoration Melbourne cleaning. You may choose us because

Intelligent Solution

As soon as we reach your affected premises, we would fetch out the smartest possible solution to tackle up the issue with minimal expenditure and high positive outcomes. We won’t let it damage you any further

Advanced Methodologies

To ensure the complete restoration of a flood-affected property, we deploy the most up to date machines in the cleaning industry and pick up for some advanced methodologies proven to bring out the positive results

Successful Restoration

Being stuck up by a flood doesn’t mean your premises should never shine that brilliantly again. With Scourdry, we will ensure that all your property and belongings should be fully restored with their evergreen charm.


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