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It’s definitely not a wise idea to let your precious upholstery loose its charm because of the dirt it has picked on from time to time here in Melbourne but what can you do to bring back your upholstery back to life? Well, let’s not forget the awesome Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne Service by Scourdry that offers –

  • A Thorough Upholstery Clean
  • Stain Removal
  • Bad Odor Removal
  • Shine-Like New

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Cleaning by yourself – A bad idea 

While upholstery cleaning sounds simple but a single attempt can cost you a lot of time and money. Like everything great, you first have to learn it, get yourself the necessary product to do so and then adapt certain methodologies to overcome the filthy upholstery you are trying to get rid of. But all of this end up producing little to no results with a lot of money. How do we know it?- From experience cause we offer plenty of cleaning services like end of lease cleaning , tile and grout cleaningcarpet cleaning etc

Some of the times, the upholstery gets filthy in a failed attempt to be cleaned all by yourself. Our customers tell us many times regarding their attempt to try certain brush and certain products which ended up worsening the scenario.

Choose Scourdry For Your Upholstery Cleaning Needs √

Here at Scourdry, we are keen on upholstery cleaning Melbourne. We have a trained and skilled crew which has to undergo testing criteria in order to be in the specialized and well-known crew of Scourdry. Trusting your upholstery with the Scourdry’s upholstery cleaning Melbourne service would only result in the restoration of the long-lasting charm of your upholstery.

Scourdry’s Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne Specializations

A rough day is not only for us, but the furniture equipment like arm chair has it's own rough days. Mostly ignored, these arm chair end up reducing the goodwill impression of the premises. Let Scourdry handle them

When it comes to business, every single detail caries a message of its own. At Scourdry, we totally are aware of the importance of this and have trained crew to carry out the work in the most professional way possible out there

Your pillow could be holding a lot of allergen stuff without you knowing that. A pillow discomfort in any way is directly related to the sleep quality. Get us your pillows all cleared with us.

One mold is enough to destroy the looks of your couch. Our crew member would be there to better assist you with the method to choose for the couch mold removal. Just give us a call and forget about the couch molds

Fabrics require certain care factors and we totally are well aware of those. You fabric would be treated would be treated with the careful selection of products to glorify it's charm

Although it usually takes a little bit more time for this kind of upholstery and there are certain sets of care measures and product research for handling the leather upholstery. Don't worry, we know it all

What could be more hurting than a patch of stain which seems like it's been around for ages there, putting down the worth of your upholstery. Well with Scourdry, it's no longer would be there.

Our reconnaissance survey of your premises would get us enough data to let us decide the methodologies, the crew member and the products to perform a professional Sofa Cleaning Service

Have a look through the methods we support for the upholstery cleaning Melbourne

Steam Cleaning

One of the most in-demand methods we apply is steam cleaning. Depending upon the type of cleaning required on a particular upholstery, this method may or may not find it’s a way to your premises. However, when it is required to perform a steam cleaning session on your upholstery, we make sure of not leaving a single stone unturned.

Dry Cleaning

When both of us would agree for the adaptation of the dry cleaning process on your upholstery, we would initiate the process with a crew member who is trained for this particular method. Starting out from a dry clean, wetting the surface with some really good cleaners or water and then drying it out to produce the best in terms of shine.

Product Application

We care for the long term shine and elegance of upholstery, not the short one. Therefore we end up selecting only those products which are best suited for the cause. Besides suiting needs, we make sure the products we select are safe for the upholstery, you, society and the environment as well. This allows us to pick the finest products.


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