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Scourdry's Tile And Grout Cleaning In melbourne

Why is that thick-lined grout ruining your bathroom for so many weeks? or that one discoloured tile in the lounge seeking attention? It’s because it’s the time to consider a professional tile and grout cleaning Melbourne service like Scourdry that offers-

  • Extreme New-Like Shine For The Tile
  • Any Wax/Bubble Removal
  • Freeing The Tile Borders From Dirt Deposits

Same Day Clean

Tile Restoration

Extreme Shine

Elegant Clean

Best In Town

Just like all the other entities in the home which require some deep cleaning after a certain time such as carpet cleaningleather cleaning or even when you’re leaving you need end of lease cleaning, Tiles also make a good mark in that list.



The Eco-Friendly cleaning products used by Scourdry's cleaners in Melbourne are capable of removing all the stubborn stains that have been an unpleasant experience to the eyes

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Nata Lia
Nata Lia
We have been working with Scourdry a few times throughout the year. We recently had three rugs cleaned with this... company and are very satisfied with their services!read more
Colleen Goldsmith
Colleen Goldsmith
Highly recommend Kush. Honest,reliable and very pleasant
Danny Powell
Danny Powell
Kush was quick efficient and very nice to deal with. Got a stubborn stain out of the carpet too.
Neda Rahmani
Neda Rahmani
Thank you very much Kush ! You did a great job on our 3 couches . Nice and clean smelling fresh and removed the water... marks that had been annoying me for so long! Thank you to you and your company ! Have a great day cheers Neda Northcoteread more
Paul Zdu
Paul Zdu
Kush arrived promptly friendly and enthusiastic . Excellent job overall
Rebecca Dingkar
Rebecca Dingkar
Great job. Highly recommended
Phillip Russo
Phillip Russo
Excellent job, did not think it would come up like new. Service man was very polite and courteous.
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Our Compliance For Counter Coronavirus Measures

All our crew members were given proper training at the Scourdry Headquarter in Laverton. We have complied with the government issued precautionary measures and have made sure that we operate not only legally but righteously in the pandemic times

Scourdry's Tile And Grout Cleaning In melbourne

Even the slight stain on the tile is enough to grab attention and cast an absolutely miserable impression which surely is enough for the destruction of goodwill of the property no matter it's a personal residence or corporate business premises. However with Scourdry, that may not be a concern for the next time. We would work our ways to clean the tiles in the best possible manner and bring back their lost glory

A filthy lining or a patch of grout can make their way into your lovely floor for almost a million reasons. With the first eye contact with the grout, mostly people would feel courageous to go for an attempt to remove this unwanted and unattractive grout lining or patch by use of force which results in a more demand for force as grout simply doesn't go away. Worry not as Scourdry is always here to hold your back with cleanings.

Some months of complete ignorance would result in an utmost requirement of floor honing. Floor honing is one of those services that should be marked on your calendars after a month or two for the love of tile. To restore that glorious shine in those tiles and floor back again, Scourdry works its ways by incorporating the finest in terms of product and skilled in terms of the deployed crew. Floor honing is really our thing.

As a grown up, one of the fears among the top ones in the Phobia list of each adult is the fear of loosing the grip mostly in bathroom and wake up back again a the hospital with some bone cracked. While this may sound much like the reality but this reality is merely an illusion which can be put to side for so many reasons. With Scourdry's slipper floor treatment we make sure of the facts that our customer never falls.

Ignorance for a month or two might not make tiles to go in vain as it requires a little bit more time for the tiles of the bathroom to go all dirty but once these tiles are stained, these are fairly hard to be restored out. For bathroom tiles some discolored matches are pretty common to see. While using some strong chemical appears good but it's not as it destroys the tile. We've got the right products and the right crew

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Overtime water can be disastrous to the tiles and the grout both. Whether it be the bathroom tiles or the tiles from the lounge, all of these are subjected to water damage. In case of flood damaged tiles do inform us. Those damaged by the flood have to go few different mechanisms and procedures to be fully restored and charming as before. No matter what kind of damage water has given to the tiles, let us handle it.

The lining of tiles can find their way for discoloration mostly because of the trapped dirt and stains which cover the linings of the tiles destroying the structured looks of the floor system. While scrubbing with the normal cloth with some cleaning agent might help in this scenario but it's not gonna pay of in terms of both the effort and the money. With our advanced tools, we just don't let the dirt and stains sit there anymore.

For that extra long lasting shine you might consider a polish as well. A normal cleansing session for the tiles and the grout would still be enough for the extreme clean notions but for our those customers who want cleanliness on another lever we do offer Tile polishing services. At Scourdry we make sure of the fact that you are using the most qualitative polishing products and equipments for the satisfaction of customers.

When we make our way into the work premises, our skilled crew members take their time to come up with the best possible working procedure to untangle the customer from the worries of Tile and Grout Cleaning. As one of the leading provider of Tiles and Grout Cleaning Melbourne services, we consider customer satisfaction to be the vitals.

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