Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Offer Price Quotes?

We offer ” FREE” over the phone price quotes to make things much simpler and easier. You may schedule a visit after the call.

What Makes Your Product Selection Unique?

We take various factors into account when we’re selecting the cleaning products. We only choose the one’s which are best for environment, safety of the clients and the safety of our crew. We don’t use products that can harm in any way

Are all your services 24/7 Available?

Yes, with all the cleaning services we provide, we offer same day cleaning. However, the client is supposed tp inform us for the need and we will explore possibilities

Will you inform us for any precautionary measures?

It’s the duty of our cleaner to inform of any precautionary measure. We will inform you totally about the drying times and whether to engage with the specified area for specific amount of time. You will be properly taught for precautions.

What about your craftsmanship? Is it skilled?

Since we claim to be one of the best cleaning provider in Melbourne, our craftsmanship is highly skilled. Each of our crew member goes through proper training sessions for specified cleaning services.

How Often Should I Receive A Certain Cleaning Service?

That totally depends upon your needs and the environment. After our first clean at your premises, we will be better able to entertain you on this topic keeping in mind your circumstances. Generally, once in a month or two is good to keep things smooth

Do You Care For The Client's Privacy?

Yes, infact it’s the building block of our work ethics. Each one of our crew member is properly taught the elegant manner to take an account of the privacy of the client. We simply don’t compromise on it.

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