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Scourdry’s Professional Strip, Seal and Polish Melbourne Service is cheap in price ( we offer lowest quote ), highest in quality ( our equipment are advance  ) and We use Eco-Friendly Products.


    Strip, Seal and Polsihing In Melbourne

    ” My floor is fading away!! ” Is that a cause of concern for you right now? Well, worry about it no more because Scourdry’s professional floor cleaning Melbourne service is here to assist. You may expect

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    The Eco-Friendly cleaning products used by Scourdry's cleaners in Melbourne are capable of removing all the stubborn stains that have been an unpleasant experience to the eyes

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    Why professional Floor Cleaning Is Required

    It’s not the shoes only that poses a wide threat to the floor system, the furniture, the equipment, the trolley if it’s a mart or something. All of these add up to be havoc for your shiny floor. Just like carpet cleaning, it becomes a necessity. Although the floor is designed to take on these things and are tough for their job eventually they end up losing their charm if a proper care measure has not been adapted. What can be a proper care measure? A professional floor strip, seal and Polish Melbourne service.

    None of us just leaves our floor systems filthy for a month. We all clean it at some point. Some of us clean it daily even. But even if you clean it hourly, it’s still gonna rot away. It is because, with time, the floor picks up some dirty waxes and chemicals which bond themselves to the floor and trigger the growth of discolored patches. A normal scrub and day to day cleaners are not good for this. You may successfully remove the overlying dirt and filth but you would never be able to deeply clean the floor for some harmful stuff such as the waxes and chemicals that have potential to chemically react, bind and destroy the finish of the floor.

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    Not only our pricing is lowest and service is full of quality, we also provide 24/7 price quoting for the utmost satisfaction of our customers. 

    Scourdry’s Floor Cleaning Melbourne Service

    To restore the evergreen charm of a floor, it is recommended to have a professional floor cleaning Melbourne service alongside daily or weekly cleaning sessions held normally and professionally. With that being said, let us introduce ourselves. We are Scourdry – The leading cleaning company. We provide floor stripping, floor sealing and floor polishing to bring out the most from a worn floor system.  You may swipe through our floor cleaning services below –

    It would be a shame if some company provide a stone floor treatment for your vinyl floor resulting in a total fail cleaning session. At Scourdry, we wont simply let it happen. With our wide knowledge,we definitely know what kind of treatment is best or worst suited for a particular type of floor

    Wax buildups between the joining layers and even on the surface of the floors are pretty common and are seen to hugely impact the tidiness of the floor in a negatively manner. With our wide research and experience, we use the cleaners that specifically remove all kind of waxes buildups safely

    Short on time? Just give us a call and let us be known for the emergency you are facing. Our crew members would be at your premises as soon as possible and would carry out the cleaning process after the customer requirements are cited and the crew has decided in terms of products and methods

    Floor are proven to be the barracks of harmful germs and viruses by a couple of studies. A clean, tidy and shining floor does not ensure the safety in terms of bacteria and germs. To bring the most out of floor cleaning, Scourdry offers deep floor sanitization service to wipe out all harmful agents.

    Floor sealing involves applying the sealing products so that floor does not suffer heavy casualties from day to day filth and sticky waxes. To make sure we are restoring the floor system elegantly, we deploy the well researched sealing products for this purpose that poses no harm to the natural texture of the floor

    Without a layer of thorough polishing, the floor may not shine at it's very best. To ensure the complete cleaning and charm restoration of the floor, we provide the floor polishing after the floor stripping and sealing. This helps the floor to shine and also nullifies the filth attacks for a decent amount of time


    To professionally restore the charm of a floor, a stripping is required. At Scourdry, we use the most up to date tools to strip a floor to remove it's upper most finish and expose the underlying finish for a shining and tidy floor. We use well researched products for stripping alongside a trained and skilled crew

    Some prolonged ignorance in terms of floor cleaning can result in discoloration of the floor, most commonly in the form of patches. To make sure it doesn't look creepy anymore, We at Scourdry provide the max we can in terms of service to efficiently treat these discolored patches for tidy floor

    When it comes to taking care of the floor systems, Scourdry still stands as a leading cleaning company. With our wide variety for floor cleaning Melbourne services that we offer and the selection of the well researched cleaning agents alongside a skilled crew, we offer an excellent cleaning service.v