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Professional Stone Polishing and Restoration, Shine and Restoration Guarantee Alongside Optimum Price Quoting

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Scourdry’s Professional Stone Polishing Gippsland Service is cheap in price ( we offer lowest quote ), highest in quality ( our equipment are advance  ) and We use Eco-Friendly Products.


    Stone Polishing In Gippsland

    We literally know how to bring the stone back to life with our skilled craftsmanship and advanced methodologies. Our wide experience helps us to carry out stone cleaning efficiently. Since we offer a wide range of services i-e carpet, end of lease etc ) you can safely entrust your premises to Scourdry. Here’s what you can expect from Scourdry’s Stone Cleaning Gippsland service

    New like shine from old stone/concrete/tile
    Elegant stone restoration
    Honed stone sealing


    The Eco-Friendly cleaning products used by Scourdry's cleaners in Gippsland are capable of removing all the stubborn stains that have been an unpleasant experience to the eyes

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    Meet Our Customer Care Call Center

    We have team providing quotes 24/7 Amidst Covid-19. Whether it is night or day, you can freely call us for a quick quote

    Not only our pricing is lowest and service is full of quality, we also provide 24/7 price quoting for the utmost satisfaction of our customers. 

    Our Compliance For Counter Coronavirus Measures

    All our crew members were given proper training at the Scourdry Headquarter in Laverton. We have complied with the government issued precautionary measures and have made sure that we operate not only legally but righteously in the pandemic times

    Intro To Scourdry’s Stone Polish and Restoration Gippsland Service

    If you are familiar with the site then you would know that we provide plenty of cleaning services across the Gippsland. If you’re not aware of us then here’s the intro : Scourdry is one of the leading cleaning providers across the Gippsland. We provide carpet cleaning, end of lease cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and many more along with the stone cleaning. Our wide range of expertise allow us to fully stand up in this cleaning industry and we’re equally proud of our stone cleaning service, which in fact is the best stone cleaning in Gippsland.

    For stone cleaning Gippsland, we have skilled craftsmanship specifically trained to carry out best in terms of stone cleaning and not to mention we always pay special attention to the equipment ( we use the latest ones from the industry ) and regarding products; well the products we use are highly environmental friendly.

    To put it all in a nutshell, our stone cleaning service is geared to bring the best out of your stone/concrete/tile in terms of cleaning. The best part is that we offer over the phone price quotes and those are free, that makes it all really convenient. All it’s gonna take is one call so why not just do it?

    Our Service Is Equipped With

    1- Natural stone cleaning

    We offer careful solutions to restore the glory of the natural stones. We’re totally aware of the client’s need when it comes to stone cleaning and around 1/4 of the cleaning jobs we receive, they are oriented for a natural stone clean. To bring out the best out of natural stone, it requires a highly balanced solution ( cleaning agent ) or else either it will be left under-clean or would develop some film over the surface. In both the conditions the objective stays undone. But you don’t need to worry as Scourdry knows how to elegantly bring out the stone cleaning session as we provide one of the best stone cleaning Gippsland services

    2- Concrete Cleaning

    Concrete is subjected to a lot of things which make it dirty over the time. A normal day to day use of concrete floor won’t subject to high level of dirt and discoloration however negligence for months can do so. No matter how worse the things have gotten , you can call us and let us be known for the situation. We’re here 24/7 to help you.

    3- Stain proof sealing

    What could be more better than the fact that your stone/concrete/tiles never having stain again for the rest of the life? well it sounds totally cool and is indeed totally cool. We offer stain proof sealing service for Gippsland in which we offer a state of the art sealing through which nothing can pass and leave a stain. f you have a stained floor and wish to have sealant on it, let us know. We’ll work out for the plan to have it cleaned and seal the service as to bring the best out of the situation.

    4- Stone Restoration

    If you believe the stone floor which was supposed to depict the beauty and elegance of your premises is putting it down now because of stains and discolored patches, let us be the bearer of good news as we offer stone restoration services in which we would simply restore the your stone floor. We are well aware f the methodologies and products to bring out the best in terms of cleaning so you don’t need to worry about how to do it, as we always say; we’re just one call away.

    5- Same day services

    How can we brag about our customer satisfaction while we delay their needs. With our same day services, we can bring the best out of your stone cleaning needs in a matter of 24 hours. However you need to mention us that you need a stone cleaning Gippsland service in the same day and we can let you know for the possibilities. We offer same day cleanings with all of our major services

    6- Tile Cleaning

    Since there is wide variety of tiles in the market we have worked our ways to develop a fine understanding of what kind of tile requires what type of cleaning methodology and exactly what type of specific cleaning agents are well suited for the cause. This makes us stand out as we have a fine understanding of the matter and that is exactly why you should us to bring out the best possible tile cleaning.

    What could be better than to entrust your stone cleaning needs to a company that is expert in cleaning and provides wide range of cleaning services across the Gippsland. Just to make things pretty obvious, let us repeat that our stone cleaning Gippsland service is equipped with the use of highly appropriate equipment and products. Regarding the staff/craftsmanship – we pay special attention to it and they are all experts in what they do.

    Don’t opt in for fancy and expensive floor restoration services when you can bring them back to life with Scourdry’s stone cleaning Gippsland service. If you have found what you are looking for from the list we mentioned above then it’s all good you can give us a call and we can sort out the matter but if you believe there is a thing about stone cleaning which we have not mentioned but is vital ins tone cleaning then let us know via call, we probably would be offering that because it’s really impossible for scourdry to ignore anything related to cleaning, it’s our vision to stand out as the best cleaning company in the Gippsland.