Why is my carpet dirty around the edges | Let’s solve this mystery

Carpets get dirty over the period of time, the moment you receive a professional carpet cleaning, these get new again. It’s kind of a cycle and nothing is wrong or mysterious over this. While we carry out our end of lease cleaning service, we get asked up from a lot of clients for what could be the possible cause for such a dirty carpet or how they can minimize this phenomenon which leads to the dirt deposits. There is indeed no simple cure to any of this thing and the straight fact is carpets get dirty over the period of time.

A lot of people come across this question ” Why is my carpet dirty around the edges ” and indeed it’s a genuine question – a one purely out of curiosity. One of our client to whom we provided the tile and grout cleaning service in Melbourne asked us this question and we thought why not we serve the answer as a blog post because that way it’s not going to benefit only that client but also the people who follow up our blog.

The dirt around the corner or to be more precise the edges of your carpet is because of the ” soil filtration ” which is pretty common. It’s a science-backed phenomenon and causes black line or patch which covers up the edges of the carpets making it appear very dirty, in fact dirty wouldn’t be the right term, filthy would be the right term for this course of action.

This phenomenon ( filtration soil ) is the result of a poor ventilation system. Poor ventilation seems to be the primary cause of ” Why is my carpet dirty around the edges “. Don’t take it that seriously to just come up with the ideal ventilation system but the fact of the matter is that it is because of some science-backed phenomenon which leave the poor ventilation to be one of the primary culprits. Even with the one hundred per cent ventilation, it’s impossible to avoid the black lining across the carpet edges but with careful ventilation, we can minimize it.

To explain that scientific phenomenon, let’s consider this thing right here. When the air enters your premises, it carries some dirt particles. In an ideal system, all the air entering the premises should leave the system but that’s not the case. This air that enters, some of it loses some energy which makes it strike the corners of the carpets. Because it comes up with a thrust or you can say energy, due to the pressure it charges for that corners of the carpet which are in close connection with the wall or any structural component. Since there is tiny place out there, the high energy particles thrive up a bit deep and that’s how they get so deep into the corners and over time the carpet starts to appear a bit dirty and filthy over the corners.

While this appears to be one of the most common reasons behind the black lining around the carpets, it is not the only one. The corners might be a bit subjected to water which could be resulting n mould production, that can produce similar effects. An inspection from the cleaning providers reveals a lot about the issue. If you’re in Melbourne then let us know – we provide cleaning all around the Melbourne.

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